About me

Let's get to know each other

My name is Michał Czechowski, I am passionate about the culture and languages of the Middle East. I am a translator and academic lecturer of Arabic and Hebrew at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

My adventure with the Middle East began when I was still a child. I visited my first Arab country while still in high school and my first time in Israel was when I was 20. I have been developing my knowledge about this part of the world for many years. I graduated from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures of Adam Mickiewicz Uniwersity in Poznań.

I remember the moment when I realized I was 100% sure that I chose the right path so vividly. It was during the internship in the Jewish Community of Poznan. I got to know the soul of Hebrew and felt that it was dear to my heart.
The study trip to Israel in 2014 helped me break the language barrier for good and also, most importantly, it allowed me to understand the culture and everyday life of Tel Aviv’s inhabitants.

Now, I am professionally fulfilled as I get to work with languages and cultures of the Middle East. I want to show you everything that’s fascinating about that part of the world. I will take you on a virtual journey to the Middle East. It will be an amazing experience.

Translation portfolio

WI gained my translating experience while working with translation offices, companies and institutions such as:

BeLingua, Omero, Lingway, Diuna, Radmal, Proximus, INT, ClinicForYou, Lumag, Niv Translations, Poznań City Hall, Airbag Poznań, East direction, The Virtual Musem of The History of Jews in Białowieża, Andrew Nurnberg Associates Warsaw, Ora Regev, Wirtualna Polska, Burekas Aroniko.